16 Web Design Considerations

How To Do Business On The Internet

Designing the look of your website is only the beginning. You’ll be surprised at what it takes to get your business going online. After all, it’s not just a website, it’s your business, which means there are many things to consider to get it right. Review below the things you need to address in the making of a good business website. Then, if you are feeling bold, take a look at my ebusiness web design guideline and you’ll see how much is involved with these 16 items in order to do it right.

16 Things You Need To Consider When Building Your Online Business

If you’re serious about online success and the ongoing evolution of your business you will need to consider the following items sooner or later. Remember, you’re not just building just a website – rather, you’re growing a business. I will help you and specialize in the following critical pieces in the design of your website:

  1. Online Business Model Planning
  2. Company Identity, Product Branding
  3. Key wording, Content & Copy
  4. Site Form & Function – Design/Build
  5. Custom Coding in PHP, HTML, etc.
  6. Ecommerce & Shopping Cart
  7. eMarketing – Customer Traffic
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  10. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  11. Email Marketing – Autoresponders
  12. Landing Pages & Split Testing
  13. Sales Funnels – Optimize Conversion
  14. To-Page Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC)
  15. Off-Page Advertising – Promotions
  16. Web Management Tools & Training
A lot to consider, right? If you bring me on board, I will provide you a turnkey experience regarding these items: from conceptual planning, to design and implementation, to optimization and emarketing. Online support that helps your ebusiness become more efficient, get more customers, and make more money. 
My goal is to be a long-term partner with you. Depending on your business and budget, we may not need to do all 16 items. That is part of an assessment process that I offer. We will only apply what is needed for you and your business to grow comfortably.


Get More Done, Make More Money – with an Online Business

Putting your business online is a crucial step in today’s market place. Let me help you make your online business a success. I’ll get your site fully built and running, including the following deliverables. From there on you’ll be able to run it yourself. And you may already be bringing in new business at this stage. Bringing me on board pays for itself. And I’m not expensive: Can you afford $599 per month for 3 months? (I’ll even do it for less if you’re a social entrepreneur.) We can go as fast or as slow as your pace and budget allow.

What you get when you hire me: 

  • Business strategy planning 
  • Keyword research and target market determination
  • Website design layout and installation
  • Web hosting setup and URL configuration
  • Ecommerce setup for product or service sales
  • Search engine optimization SEO to get your site visible 
  • Search engine marketing SEM to build traffic to your site
  • Social media marketing SMM to gain target niche clientele 
  • Google analytics to assess website growth and activity
  • Sales funnel optimization to move people from looking to buying
  • Website management training so you can run your own site

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